The Week of Megan Dresses


I havent deviated from my plan yet! I am still working systematically through the Love At First Stitch book from Tilly Walnes. The next project in the book is the Megan dress. This is a dress that had appeared on my Twitter and Instagram feed quite a lot recently so I was really looking forward to making one for myself. I didn’t have any medium weight cottons in so chose firm woven polyester knits for both makes!

I love how this dress just came together. Nothing was a hassle and it just seemed to work. These are the projects that I LOVE! I cut all seam allowances down and overlocked. I’m using zips from my stash, so I chose to use quite a chunky zip rather than an invisible zip as recommended. Once I had inserted the zip, I tried it on and realised that I had made it far too short! I had held the pattern up to my body to determine the length and had decided to go for the shorter length…this probably wasn’t the best idea. I should have measured properly. Anyway, I wasn’t too disheartened as I knew it would make a nice long top.

Here I am, wearing it with thick grey tights which I don’t think looks too bad but I think I would prefer to wear it with skinny jeans. Apologies for these photos. Adam is as about as good as a chocolate fire guard when it comes to taking photos… I thought he was improving until I looked at these! They will have to do though because I won’t get the chance to take any myself for a while as my tripod has a dodgy leg!

Megan dress edited

I really liked making this first Megan, so I set off making a second with a tighter woven knit. I made this one a size smaller than the first and kept it the standard length. I think I may have traced the bodice slightly aft as my side seams didn’t match those of the skirt, so I ended up having a little tuck under each arm.  As this was a very tightly woven fabric, the gathering stitches just wouldn’t pull together.  These sleeves have 2 folds instead of gathers but I actually prefer them this way with this material.

Megan dress edited

I’m still having some trouble inserting zips. I chose to have ‘normal’ zips on both rather than buy invisible zips. On the pink dress, I stitched the full back seam and then inserted the zip, which meant that the fabric around the base of the zip looked uneven and I had put the zip too low! On the blue dress, I inserted the zip and then did the rest of the seam. This time I ended up with a small pucker to the left of the zip. I’m not 100% happy with either really but I know that the faults are hardly noticeable when the dresses are on.

Megan dress edited

I really liked the zip method I had used on a previous zippy top make so I might end up making another Megan and using that method instead. Overall though, I am really pleased with both of these and I predict that many more Megans will be made soon! 🙂

20 thoughts on “The Week of Megan Dresses

  1. Very cute, wearable dresses! The red one would be super cute with leggings.

    And isn’t it mysterious how the size of pattern pieces doesn’t indicate the size of the finished item? I can’t figure out how that happens, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who has that problem. 😉

  2. Lovely work! You have mastered two completely different looks here. The floral is the perfect casual number and the polka dot dress is a nice classic style. 🙂

  3. I might just have to make me a Megan after seeing these. Adapting the dress pattern into a top was very clever!! And at least your have long hair to cover zips!
    I especially love the polka dot one but I’m always drawn to polka dots… It looks smart 🙂

    1. Yes, you should! I’m tempted to make another one this week 😀 It seems like such a versatile pattern…my next one may be sleeveless!
      Yes long hair is good for any mishaps!

  4. Two lovely and very wearable dresses (or one dress & a long top!) I think you will wear them loads and you have also inspired me to look through my Tilly book and pick a project 🙂

      1. I bet you could… you could always use a different fabric for the facings. I’ve seen a sew where 2 different fabrics have been used for the bodice & skit! I might do one to use some of my 1ms up 🙂

      2. I’ve got some lovely fabrics in 2m only, including some Liberty which I would love to use for a Megan 🙂 was the make you saw using 2 fabrics a Megan too?

  5. Very cute! Love your fabric choices. 🙂

    Gosh that short option definitely is short, isn’t it?! Looks good as a top though.

    Your “chocolate fire guard” comment made me laugh – hadn’t heard that phrase before. 😛

    1. Thank you 🙂 These are both thrifted fabrics too so cost less than $1 for both! The floral is very short… I think I feel better when I’m wearing it with jeans.
      I like using that phrase 🙂 I don’t know where it comes from though, just something my family have always said! 😛

  6. Those are both very pretty! Man, I have one way to put in zippers that I love and I don’t deviate from it-I’d rather change my pattern around a little to accommodate for my way of putting in a zipper than to use another way!

  7. Ha ha! “About as useful as a chocolate teapot” is another phrase we use! Great efforts on the dresses and you’re right, the bits you’re not happy with don’t show anyway.

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