Ooooooohhh Sewing Take 2!

Coming to Alabama meant that I had to leave ALL of my sewing supplies at home.  As I walked out of our house, I could hear my sewing machine crying. 😦

When we arrived in Mobile, Adam found a bargain of a machine online and bought it for me on the understanding that I made him some pyjamas!  Good deal!

We found the local fabric store and it was AMAZING!  There isn’t just a couple of isles of fabric…..there is a full row of fabric isles at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft!!!  I got some essentials; pins, scissors, cutting mat etc and bought a range of fabric without going overboard.


Adam chose the Mexican Day of the Dead fabric for his pyjamas.  We also bought a pattern packet so that I could have a go at using a proper pattern, something that I have never really done before!

The pattern was pretty straight forward to use but I found it tricky cutting the material to the size I needed without cutting the larger sizes off.  I want to use this pattern in the future so I would prefer all the sizes to be available.

I was astounded when I found out that my new machine stitched complete button holes on its own.  But I was then disappointed when I accidentally sliced through one of the button holes as I had missed the stopping pin….gggrrr!

Anyway, here they are!


I love them and might even make myself a pair!

I then stumbled across a 50% discount on Jo-Ann’s online store.  I really liked the fabric but wanted to look at the prints physically too, so I headed up to the store and they were GORGEOUS!!!  At $2.49 for a yard I just couldn’t resist!


4 thoughts on “Ooooooohhh Sewing Take 2!

  1. We trace all of our patterns onto freezer paper (which you can get at a grocery store) so that you can use them again and again. That also means you don’t have to cut into the original pattern paper so you can use trace different sizes down the road when you want to make different sizes. You picked out some great fabrics there too! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Funnily enough my mum said the exact same thing when I spoke to her last night! So i will be buying some when we go out today….. I am more familiar with some stuff called baking parchment. This is the stuff my uses in England…I’m sure this is the same as freezer paper!

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