Sunday Sevens #4

Sunday Sevens – the Sunday Link Party involving 7 photos from your week! They might not be worth blogging about…but you still want to share them!

If you would like to get involved, you can read more about the Sunday Sevens link up in my original post here. There are buttons to grab, but sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t! If they don’t work, save the image below and insert it as an image widget with a link to the original post 🙂 I will be sharing some of your posts through social media, just look for the #sundaysevens tag.
The Pinterest board is here. If I miss anyone, please send me a nudge!

240 x 240


Here are my 7:

1. New Bedding. Sleeping better. 🙂



2. Completed project, will be blogged about later!



3. Picked up my little run-around. After nearly 8 weeks of not having any transport in the day, this little truck has given me a bit of Southern freedom!



4. I love Lunchables. They are on offer for $1 in Walmart. I know that they aren’t that healthy but I don’t mind! :-0



5. Found a brilliant little Farmer’s Market over the bay. It’s a bit of a drive but they loads of fresh fruit and veg.

Farmers market


6. Visited my first estate sale. Grabbed some bargains and did a lot of wondering…like who these people are??

old photos


7. Skyped our little Winnie dog. We look forward to seeing her (and our parents) every week. We just wish we could give her a little cuddle.

Skyping Winnie

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