2018 Make Nine Round Up


At the start of 2018, I joined in with the #2018makenine challenge for the first time.  I tried to include a variety of makes and a little something for everyone in the house.  I also wanted to make sure that I picked my projects from a variety of sources; paper patterns, pattern books, PDFs & free online patterns.


As 2018 draws to a close, I’m actually really pleased with how much sewing time I’ve managed to get.  I thought that hobbies would possibly be sidelined due to baby duties but I’ve tried really hard to make time for me.  Something that I would highly recommend for everyone, whether you’ve got kids or not.  I feel like my sewing time really is my me time and it almost resets my emotions and sanity.

As you can see from the updated montage, I managed to sew 7 out of the 9 things that I had planned. Woohoo!  Now I haven’t blogged about all of my makes yet…that’s another challenge within itself!  BUT I’m planning on catching up with blogs so I’ll update this post as they are blogged about so hopefully over the next month or so, all completed plans will be blogged about.  *fingers crossed*  The only two items that I didn’t make were 2 of the baby items.  This was mainly due to us not actually needing them when it came around to me making them.  I’ll definitely be using these patterns at some point though as I think they’d make great gifts!

Here are the makes and links to the blogs!

Simplicity 8304


Colette Wren


Sew Over It Eve Dress


Sew Over It Blossom Dress


Butterick B4885


Sew Over It Lily Top


Gertie Sew Vintage Casual: Zip Front Dress

AND THERE THEY ARE! Like I said though, I’ll update the links to blogs as they are written and published! In addition to these makes I also managed to sew 2 more baby dresses, 2 baby quilts, baby burp cloths, baby bibs and a little baby skirt. I really don’t think I’ve done bad to say I’ve had a little Rosie baby to be looking after 🙂 I hope everyone else who took part in the challenge managed to have some success too.  I’ll be taking part again for the 2019 challenge so keep an eye out for that post too.


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