Post Christmas Bargains

I have always been one for post-Christmas sales.  For around 5 years running, I would go to our local shopping centre, Meadowhall, for when it opened on Boxing day.  We would have a few hours shopping and would then trundle off home with many bargains, mainly clothes and Christmas items.  Last year, I did the sales on December 26th but did them online, in my pyjamas with a cup of tea to hand.

This year I didn’t do any shopping on Boxing Day…AT ALL!!  But I did go a few days later 😀

I took our Mums up to my local Joanns Fabric & Craft store.  I actually didn’t think that there would be much left as it was 5 days after Christmas.  However, we had a good search and found some great buys that I have just got to share with you!

I love the look of vintage blown decorations.  I found these remakes at $2!!

These little cross stitch patterns had been reduced to 97 cents.

These buttons had been reduced to 97 cents too.

After digging around in a discount basket a little longer, I then found these sweet little button packets for 50 cents!

I also picked up this bundle of fat quarters for 97 cents each, the patterned card stock and the washi tapes($2)! BARGAINS!!

A couple of days later, we headed to our local outlet mall.  I did well again and managed to scout out some more bargains.  I have a slight obsession at the moment with the Tommy Hilfiger shop as their dresses are gorgeous and very affordable if you buy them from the outlet.  The last one I bought has washed so well and it feels new every time I wear it.  I went in the other day and found 3 dresses at $9.99 EACH! Reduced from $80-90!!!  I am trying to get my wardrobe as vintage inspired as possible…even with any new items I buy.  All of these hit the mark perfectly. 😀

                        Untitled Untitled


This long sleeved dress also caught my eye and was still a bargain at $19.99!


Tell me all about your post- Christmas shopping!  

Have you done any?  

Have you got any bargains?  

Where do you shop for your bargain buys?

4 thoughts on “Post Christmas Bargains

  1. Some fabulous bargains there, lucky you! I bought a Christmas scene with moving ice dancers and train at half price – that’s the only ‘sales’ shopping I’ve done:)

  2. You definitely have more patience for rummaging than me, but I am truly envious of all of the bargains you have uncovered! Well done for persevering and I am looking forward to seeing some of them in use in upcoming makes!

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