Sunday Sevens #34

Finally all that rain has stopped here in Alabama! However, Maisy still has her stitches in so we haven’t been able to venture far. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week 🙂

1. Unboxing is all done and now the sorting has to commence. I was so glad to get my cookbooks 🙂


2. I had an egg disaster! I tapped it far too hard and found out the hard way that it was runny :-0


3. This is the closet/cupboard I plan to use for my sewing & craft stuff. It’s quite big and roomy, with plenty of space. I still can’t decide how to store my fabric. I would like to have it rolled up on a bookshelf but I feel that it would collect dust. My alternative is to put it in boxes. I have seen some nice storage boxes so I feel that would make it look prettier!


4. I was loading the dishwasher and a huge cockroach crawled out from under a plate! It made my skin crawl! After it ran off, we went on a hunt and managed to hoover it up…flick down quickly if you don’t like bugs!


5. Adam and I also decided to bake some buns…they failed! I think it’s because I’m not using castor sugar. The US alternative is fine granulated sugar which I thought would be similar but the sponge isn’t as sweet as what it would be in the UK 😦


6. This has been the story of my life this week! Whenever I have started to do anything on the laptop, Maisy has nuzzled herself into my lap! Hence why I haven’t been too productive this week!


7. Despite my bun fail, I am still really determined to bake something edible! This baked mousse is next on the list. Camilla (Making & Marking) once made one for us and it was the best chocolate dessert I have ever tasted!


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If you are here for the first time… I’m going to give you the low down on the Sunday Sevens blog series.  Each week, we do things that don’t necessarily warrant a full blog post.  You may have made a nice meal, grabbed some bargains on a shopping trip, had a family day out, spotted some beautiful scenery or just done something you feel you want to share.  A Sunday Sevens blog post is the place to share those things.  You take 7 images from your week and post them every Sunday with a small description.  Tag your post using #sundaysevens on your blog and social media.  I also pin the posts onto the Sunday Sevens Pinterest Board.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #34

  1. Maisy will have loved a week of TLC with you, bet you can’t wait to get out and about asap. Maybe the mousse cake will work better as think it may be plain flour so not need to rise as much? Storage boxes sound like a good plan for fabric, that’s how I store most of mine too. Oh, and I think you’ve sent the rain over the Atlantic to us! ☔️

    1. Yes she has loved the extra cuddles! I will feel better when we are out and about so she can run off some energy though!
      I’m looking forward to the mousse! I need a sugar fix 🙂

  2. Looks like you’re getting there…important stuff like crafting and cookery books! I bet Maisy thinks here hat’s staying on forever and will go bonders when it comes off!

    1. She already mumbles and paws at it so we really can’t wait for next weekend! I’ve done a little more sorting today but I underestimated how much stuff I have :-0

  3. Ugh–totally feeling your pain over the nasty bug!

    I have my fabric in boxes, and frankly I can’t really recommend it. I am FOREVER hauling out four big boxes so that I can find something in the bottom one, and it’s a pain. When I can, I plan to move to some sort of drawer system so that I can get to things more easily.

    I hope that you’ll post a recipe for your buns when you get them the way you want them. In the meantime, a big dollop of whipped cream would work pretty well in those hollows they have. Or maybe it’s time for trifle? 😉

  4. Poor Maisy – she’ll be so grateful when you remove the collar! Getting organised slowly must be very satisfying for you. See through lidded tubs would be good for storing fabric away from dust so that you can still see it.

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