Back to Sewing – a Summer Simplicity

Last week it suddenly dawned on me that I gone a full month without sewing! :-0  With our lives being a little hectic, I suppose that I had just let it slip.  It’s not a good enough excuse really as sewing is my favourite thing to do more than anything, yet I had let myself get hung up on too many other things and had not really been allowing myself any ‘me’ time!  So I decided to  set up a sewing station(despite our lack of furniture!) and got productive.

I recently bought a handful of Simplicity patterns while they were on sale for $3.99 over on Pattern Review.  I took advantage of this offer as all of the patterns were at least $15 full price.  If you haven’t checked out Pattern Review, you should!  I always search patterns on there before sewing, mainly to get recommendations for fabrics and to check for any known fitting issues.


I knew that I wanted a relatively quick make that would be easy to put away when it came to cooking that evening.  I chose the Simplicity 1589 as it was labelled ‘Easy to Sew’.  I really wanted this to be made out of some of my metre fabric cuts but I just couldn’t get it to work on the narrow cuts of fabric.  However, I did have just over a metre of a wider thin cotton fabric.  I cut a size 12 based on the finished measurements and set off sewing on our little alcove.


The fabric was a cut from eBay that was in my stash back in the UK.  Luckily, my Mum brought some of my stash across with her when she came to visit at Christmas. 🙂

The sewing process had a good start and a good finish.  The middle part was a bit squiffy!  I like patterns to be clear and precise.  Most of this one was but when it came to constructing the back, I found that some of the seam allowances were missing so the instruction ‘stitch the seam’ wasn’t so simple.  I ended up pinning it with the two seam options available and went with the one that allowed the side seams to match up.


Somehow, I also ended up with a neck facing that was almost 2 inches larger than the actual neckline…I have no idea how this happened!  I did a little fold as I had gone past the stage of unpinning and altering the facing.  In a perfect little sewing world, where frustration doesn’t present itself, I would have rectified the facing but I didn’t. I will next time though 🙂


The completed top is perfect to wear with jeans or shorts. It’s a lovely top for the Summer; nice and light. I would like to make this using some of drapey fabrics that I have in my stash but I’m not sure how that would go with the amount of pressing that is needed in this make. I find that some of the polyester type fabrics don’t hold the creases when they are pressed. This would make the facings a little tricky. The top is a bit big under my arms but I’m hoping I can alter that for future makes of this top.



After feeling happy with this top, I proceeded to cut out view B and another top from another Simplicity. I’m not sure when these will get made as I have lots of unpacking to do, and a post-surgery puppy to look watch…but I won’t be leaving it as long as a month this time! 🙂

Just as a little extra, I hoping to refine a blog a little more and concentrate on better content. I’ve changed the theme (again!) and I think I’m actually happy with this one. Simple but pretty. Hope you all like it!

17 thoughts on “Back to Sewing – a Summer Simplicity

  1. Very pretty, I’m sure it will be an extremely useful addition to your wardrobe. A whole month without sewing though! No wonder you needed a quick make to get your fix:)

    1. I know 😦 I couldn’t believe it when I realised! I’m motivated to get other stuff done now so I can make time for more sewing – I need more clothes!!

    1. Yes I thought the same too, I’m surprised at how much it does go with actually so I’m sure it will worn out 🙂 Maisy is much better thank you…though it is very hard to get a puppy to rest!

      1. PS forgot to mention your new blog style/layout! Love the pinky colour, looks sleek and easy to navigate. I looked at it on my phone but went into ‘normal’ view as the reader didn’t show it properly. Well done!

  2. This is so pretty! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. I often think I should get more into sewing smaller, “practical” things, because I can’t wear half of my handmade stuff on a daily basis – a lot of the dresses, for example, are a bit too extravagant for that.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m aiming for more wearable makes too! I had a couple of things in my wardrobe that I had not even worn since making them 😦 I couldn’t even alter them to be more wearable so they have ended up going to the charity shop!

  3. Love the fabric and I think the finish of this top is very neat and professional 🙂 Bet you will get loads of wear out of it during the warm Alabama summer!

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