Sunday Sevens #57

After looking at the our living area last week I decided to have a bit of an apartment sort out! I’ve been planning pictures for walls, rugs & curtains so I’m excited to get it all sorted over the next couple of weeks and show you all. 🙂 Thank you for all the suggestions for our living room last week; it’s slowly coming together. In-between internet shopping i’ve managed to get the following photos for you:

1. I started a job that I had been putting off for a while: altering quilt covers. We had all of our bedding sets shipped across to us but not our quilt…I didn’t realise that the sizing would be different and I not can’t find a quilt to fit all the covers I have. Well I did find one but it was $300+!! We did have a small quilt shipped across so I have decided to alter the big covers to fit the small quilt and keep them for the spare room. Maisy has been camped on the pile all week!


2. Part of the sorting/organising is trying to locate curtains to fit the windows…I’m having problems buying curtains to fit the largest window. Also, I find it very odd that curtains over here are sold as singles so you have to buy 2 to make a pair – that’s not a thing in the UK is it? I’m sure I’ve only ever bought curtains in pairs!


3. I went for a mid-week dog walk and the fountain at Fairhope Pier had been turned pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month!


4. It was my 4 year blogging anniversary this week! I didn’t think I had been blogging for that long but then remembered that I had done a couple of posts when I had orginally started, had a break, did a bit more in 2013 and then started to blog properly when we came to the USA in 2014. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 09.15.26
Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 09.16.12

5. Baked a victoria sponge!


6. We went to our favourite burger place on Friday night and I loved rocking out to the music! Adam loved the margaritas!


7. Yesterday we headed down to Biloxi, Mississippi to watch Cruisin’ the Coast. The cars were amazing! I was also amazed at how many people had camped out at the side of the roads just to sit and watch all the cars drive by. Next year we will be taking our bqq and getting a spot too!


Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series that YOU can join in with at any time!  You can do a post every week or just when you fancy 🙂  Display 7 photographs from your week; just to let your readers know what else you get up to between those bigger blog posts.  There’s even an image to grab for your sidebar!

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #57

  1. It is always interesting to discover how there are so many differences between the Uk and other countries.. I would never imagine that curtains would be sold singly! You could always use your bedding to make curtains! They look pretty!

    I am really enjoying the Sunday Sevens, its a glimpse across the globe! how awesome! Congratulations on your blogging anniversary!

    1. I know! I never imagined there would be soon many differences, especially the curtains! Ha! I decided not to make my own curtains as I’m not keen on sewing and measuring on a large scale!

  2. Cruisin’ the Coast looks like so much fun. And I hope you enjoy decorating your apartment. I find myself stressing over such things, but usually feel very accomplished afterwards. Are you planning to make your own curtains?

    Your Maisy is so adorable. She loves that you made a special bed for her. She is queen of the castle.

    1. It was fun – we will definitely be going again next year! I’ve decided to not make my own curtains :-/ I’ve done it before and hated measuring & sewing on a large scale!
      Maisy certainly is the queen of the castle!

  3. Love Maisy. She is such a character! I too think selling curtains singly is odd too. Definitely not something I’ve encountered – wonder if singles is only a US thing?

  4. IKEA sell single curtains, so my mother informs me, but they’re not English so are probably the only ones. American beds are bigger presumably, just like everything else?! Good to hear that you’ve got some inspiration on the home front too – look forward to updates on that score:)

  5. Congratulations on 4 years of blogging! I have often made my own curtains or modified the ones I purchased. Sometimes it is less expensive than buying fabric!

  6. Happy blogiversary! I don’t blame you for not wanting to make your own curtains; it can be a wrestling match dealing with that much fabric. I suspect the reason for some being sold as singles is because some windows here are so big and actually require 3 instead of 2. Looking forward to seeing where your decorating adventures take you!

    1. Thank You! Yes u think you are right as the packaging did say how many panels were needed for certain window widths…I’ve just never seen it before!

  7. Congratulations on your fourth blogging anniversary! Maisy has the prime spot, doesn’t she? I just have to say….your measurement page is incredibly neat! What a great week you’ve had, in spite of the curtain issue. 😉

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