An Update About Me!

I decided to update my ‘about’ page so thought I would also publish it as a little blog post too. Enjoy!

A little while ago I began blogging about what my life was like after we moved over to Alabama from the UK. The blog mainly consisted of posts about what I was currently making and eating. Over time, Threads & Bobbins has evolved to be a broad Lifestyle blog with my sewing projects at the core.


I’ve been sewing for a while, dipping in and out of projects whenever time has allowed. Back in school, I completed my Textiles course and did reasonably well. My Grandma had always helped me with projects I had in mind growing up so I feel like sewing has just always been in my life. More recently, I’ve been sewing some of my own clothes…some of which have been great and others not so. But that’s one of the things I love about sewing; it’s a huge learning curve and with every garment I face new challenges.

Having my baby, Rosie, has given me a few more things to explore and ultimately share on my blog. Sewing for babies is more fun than I could have ever imagined and the whole World of Parenting has been so interesting…and another huge learning curve. Being our little family unit has made my heart very warm and full. We love spending time together as a little family so you might see the odd travel post too.


Another large part of my life at the moment is wellness. I am an Independent Distributer for Young Living. “Our Seed to Seal® program is our quality standard. The three pillars of this meticulous approach—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—allow us to deliver pure, authentic essential oils and essential oil-infused products that you and your family can use with full peace of mind.”
If you are interested in starting your own wellness journey, let me know! My Sponsor/Enroller ID is #14826959. You can also follow this link to explore membership options and products.

If you are interested in collaborating with me for anything, either physically or through the blogs, don’t hesitate to contact me!


6 thoughts on “An Update About Me!

  1. You are a very welcome addition to America! Nowadays its a small world! Rosie is now a first generation American! A new chapter in your life! Will she automatically be a citizen of Britain too?
    (I have so much British DNA that even the 2 granddaughters I’m raising are 66% British dna! And our ancestors came in the 1700s!)

    I’d love to check out your oils. But your link isn’t working?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad that we are calling the USA home now…for a while I felt like we weren’t quite ‘home’ but I think Rosie had made us into our little family unit. She automatically has dual citizenship as both Adam & I were both born in the UK. 🙂
      I think I’ve fixed the link for the oils now but let me know if you’re still having problems!

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