Sunday (Monday/Tuesday??) Sevens #62

Well, I’m very late to the party with my Sunday Sevens for this week! We have just got in after collecting Adam’s parents from the airport so the last couple of days have been busy, busy, busy!! I apologise in advance for any comments, replies or Pinterest pins that may be late 🙂

Here are my seven photos from last week:

1/2. Target has up’ed their game with their dollar spot area. It was so much easier to find nice things when I visited this week; I couldn’t resist these doggy jumpers for $3 each! As you can see, Maisy is still working out whether or not she likes to wear them.


Sunday Sevens #60

As Sunday Sevens posts go, my post this week is a bit of a fail. Firstly, I’m posting on Monday and secondly, I only have 5 photos! I was fighting a cold last week so I spent 3 days sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. 🙁 Much better now though 🙂

1. We haven’t eaten Yorkshire Puddings for a while so I made us a Toad In The Hole 🙂


Sunday Sevens #57

After looking at the our living area last week I decided to have a bit of an apartment sort out! I’ve been planning pictures for walls, rugs & curtains so I’m excited to get it all sorted over the next couple of weeks and show you all. 🙂 Thank you for all the suggestions for our living room last week; it’s slowly coming together. In-between internet shopping i’ve managed to get the following photos for you:

1. I started a job that I had been putting off for a while: altering quilt covers. We had all of our bedding sets shipped across to us but not our quilt…I didn’t realise that the sizing would be different and I not can’t find a quilt to fit all the covers I have. Well I did find one but it was $300+!! We did have a small quilt shipped across so I have decided to alter the big covers to fit the small quilt and keep them for the spare room. Maisy has been camped on the pile all week!