Sewing Santas

What could be better than a sewing themed secret santa?… I hear you…nothing!!

When I read that my friend, Camilla, had signed up for the #sewingsanta over on Lisa’s blog, I was gutted that I couldn’t participate because I was in the USA. 😦  I even had a little strop!  However, Camilla then told me that she had Jessie comment on her blog saying that she couldn’t get involved either as she lived in Singapore.  Well, a couple of emails later, I had arranged with Jessie that we should do our own international swap between us two!  😀

I have already seen that Jessie has received the package I sent and loved it!  Read about it here.

Her parcel arrived a few days before Christmas.  I was patient and I put it under our tree. When Christmas morning came, it was one of the first presents I opened…with excitement of course!

Jessie included a little note to explain each item.


1. Jessie had read about my “love” for bias tape and has encouraged me to keep practising with it. How can anyone not love this cute tape?

2. This purple and green paisley is from a little store in Chinatown and is 100% cotton from Japan. I’m sure that I haven’t declared my love for paisley on the blog but… I love paisley so this was a perfect choice!

3. This blue batik with gold detail is a cotton polyester mix from Indonesia. It’s the closest Jessie can get to traditional fabric patterns so it’s quite a special one!

Jessie picked perfectly for me as I loved everything sent! I’m not sure exactly what I will be making but the items have gone into my stash. Hopefully they will be used for garments soon. 🙂

Onto the next one… Camilla and I arranged our own #sewingsanta too! We had a slightly higher budget, and included a personal couple of gifts to each other too. Again, this one was another present that I was so eager to open Christmas morning! We decided to theme ours with birds or dogs…but I did stray off theme with many of the items I put in Camilla’s parcel :-/


This gorgeous fat quarter is by Michael Miller and has a dog on it….enough said!

Equally as lovely, this blue patterned fabric will be perfect for a top I think!

Westie buttons and a gorgeous mixed bag containing birds and a few other animals. 🙂

I was so pleased to see these little scissors as I have always wanted a pair but have just never got round to buying any.

Some pretty birdy ribbon which I think I will use on a bag or purse.

Extremely cute edging 😀

I have never used this type of chalk before so I’m looking forward to marking patterns out with this… and a Maoam bar!

Camilla sent me a few more bits too that weren’t sewing related but will feature in other blog posts soon! Again, I loved everything and I will now be hoping that I can get involved in a #sewingsanta every year. These presents made Christmas morning even more exciting for me!

9 thoughts on “Sewing Santas

  1. I’m glad you didn’t miss out after all – it’s such a fun thing to do isn’t it? Lovin’ the bird ribbon – haven’t ever seen anything quite like it!

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