Sunday Sevens #17

Sunday Sevens is a weekly blog series where you post 7 photos from your week. Sometimes things happen in our lives that aren’t worth a full blog post but are worth sharing, so here is the blog series to do just that! Just write your own blog post, share your own set of photos and use the #sundaysevens tag. The Pinterest board is here…. feel free to share it! Grab the picture below for your blog and link it back to me 🙂

240 x 240

For once, I am posting a Sunday Sevens on time! Woohoo!

1. A shopping trip to Joanns Fabric & Craft was successful!


2. We caught the auto ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan…I stayed in the car and closed my eyes to avoid being sick! It was very choppy but we did see some pretty pelicans.


3. Someone was giving these patches away as a random act of kindness…I was lucky enough to win the draw! I am now wondering what to make with them.


4. We took our parents to Lambert’s Cafe. They were amazed by the portion sizes and the throwed rolls.


5. A trip to USS Alabama.


6. This is a daily occurrence now Adam has access to a Nerf gun.


7. Family bowling 🙂


Please feel free to join in and post your own Sunday Sevens photos!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #17

    1. I really dont think that there is an english equivalent at all! It’s almost like Dunelm Mill but with ALL craft stuff and loads and fabric and wool! It is amazing!!

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