Sunday Sevens #20

Week 20! Wow! I had a quick look back through the last 19 #sundaysevens posts and felt really happy that I had shared all of those photos. I started the Sunday Sevens blog series so that we bloggers could share 7 photos from our week. The photos don’t necessarily have to link to your blogging theme but are just to show your readers other aspects of your life! Please share the word about Sunday Sevens, JOIN IN and don’t forget to grab the picture below for your sidebar (sorry it isn’t a button!).

The Pinterest board is here….give me a nudge if I haven’t linked your post up!

240 x 240


1. Most of Sunday was spent making ATCs – Artist Trading Cards. Having never made any before, I was quite pleased with my attempt at an Alice In Wonderland themed set.


2. I started and completed a Delphine this week. Here it is mid- make.


3. My new favourite flavour of crisps/chips!


4. We received a lovely bunch of roses as a belated wedding congratulations from some friends back in the UK.


5. A visit to the library resulted in me getting some books on watercolour painting and a couple of books that aren’t in my usual genre of reading. I’ve already finished the graphic novel…and I liked it! I’m also quite hooked on Ready Player One. I joined Goodreads too this week so give me a shout if you’re on there!


6. Pjs and Supercross.


7. We spent a long time in Lowes stocking up on parts for a project that Adam wants to complete! I’ve got to say that I’m quite excited about the finished project and of course, it will be blogged about!


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