Sunday Sevens #83

Here we are again! I think that this week has really flown by; I seem to blink and the week has passed so quickly! I’ve actually had a great little week this week πŸ™‚ Adam & I have really made the effort to make the most of any time off we get together, so maybe that’s why the week has gone quickly?!
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Here are my Sunday Sevens for this week:

1. We headed down to the pier to walk the dogs just as the sun was setting. I missed the good sunset photo as it was unbelievably windy and I couldn’t control my hair enough to see! I did manage to get this photo though once we had found shelter…I wished that I had taken my big camera down with me…maybe next time. πŸ™‚


Sunday Sevens Catchup #77 #78

It’s Sunday Sevens again!…Only this week I’m combining a few pictures from the last couple of weeks as I completely forgot to write the post last Sunday, and by the time I remembered it was Thursday already! I hope everyone else has had a good couple of weeks, and a great Mothers’ Day back in the UK! I feel like we have been non-stop at the moment so here’s a catch up from my last two weeks. πŸ™‚

1. We were on Tornado watch for an afternoon as a bad storm passed through. Luckily we didn’t really see any of it but the city was preparing for the worst, which I’ve never seen happen before. Schools and shops closed early, and the list of evacuation centres was provided. It got a little eery and windy, and we had a lot of rain! A few local cities were affected though πŸ™ The damage in Pensacola was quite bad!


Sunday Sevens #74 … or another Tuesday Sevens!

Yes, I know! It’s Tuesday and I’m only just getting around to sorting my Sunday Sevens out for last week. It’s been a hectic few days as Adam has been sick and Buzz was neutered yesterday so I’ve not really had the time to sit down and concentrate on the laptop! Anyway, here are my seven photographs covering last week!

1. This picture sums up our life at the moment. As soon as any food comes out, the dogs stop what they are doing and wait. I don’t know why they continue to wait as we never give them anything of ours!


Sunday Sevens #72

My my, have you seen all that snow on the East coast of the US?! Luckily we just had the wind and rain from that storm but my thoughts definitely go out to all the people who are stuck in their homes for a while!

It’s turned really cold for us this week though…I’ve even had to put the heating on! I finally feel like we are back to our normal routine this week, and I’ve actually managed to get quite a bit done around the house & with ongoing projects too.

Here are my seven photographs from this week – mainly doggy photos!

1/2. Maisy and Buzz have started to be evenΒ closer to each other this week. Buzz really made me giggle with the way he was laying on the sofa so I had to take a photo!



Sunday Sevens #70

Christmas done! New Year done! Parents home!…and relax! πŸ™‚ As much as I love having visitors and celebrating over the holidays, it isn’t half tiring! My parents went home yesterday after their 3 week stay so we have had a very relaxed weekend and now we will settle back into our little routine. I should imagine that there will now be more sewing craft photographs back in my future Sunday Sevens posts. Here are my photos from the last week! πŸ™‚

1. I FINALLY managed to get a good photo of the dogs together, and me of course!


Sunday Sevens #54

Well, it’s been a hot one here this week. I’m so desperate for cooler weather, Autumn leaves and pumpkins. I’ve not actually been that busy this week…and when we did go out, I completely forgot to take photographs! Doh! This week I’ve only got 6 fumbled together pics. :-/

1. I was very eager to get my first pair of trousers made. I really like them! I will do better pictures and a thorough run through for a blog post soon.